Nonlinearity of optimized silicon photonic slot waveguides

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Nonlinearity of optimized silicon photonic slot waveguides

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Nonlinearity of optimized horizontal slot waveguides | In this theoretical study, we show that the use of optimized horizontal silicon photonic slot waveguide ... Optimized nonlinear SOI slot optical waveguides - ScienceDirect The importance of exploring nonlinear effects in Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) slot optical waveguides is discernible from the facts that, it is CMOS technology compatible, thus ensuring low-cost large-scale integration, moreover, this structure of optical waveguides mingle the advantages of both silicon and silica to explore the promising ... Silicon photonics - Wikipedia

silicon layer on 2„m of silica using e-beam lithography and Reactive Ion Etching. The total length of the waveguide structure is 0.9mm; it comprises an 80„m long suspended silicon PhC waveguide and two 0.4mm long, 3„m wide ridge access waveguides on both sides that are tapered down to 0.7„m close to the PhC section.

Deep-UV Lithography Fabrication of Slot Waveguides and ... Sandwiched Waveguides for Nonlinear Applications. E. JORDANA ... filling of slot waveguides with silicon nanocrystals within SiO2 ... Using silicon as a photonic material is of great inter- est since .... hard mask optimization should lead to slot. High-responsivity graphene-on-silicon slot waveguide photodetectors ... The linear and nonlinear absorptions of graphene-on-silicon channel/slab ... First , the enhanced absorption in the graphene-on-silicon slot waveguide ... by two- photon absorption generated free carrier absorption loss in the silicon waveguide . ... at 250 nm and the width of the slot structure (ws) was numerically optimized.

Critically, the small surface roughness and the high-homogeneity associated with optical fiber nanowires (OFNs) provide low optical loss and allow the use of nanowires for a wide range of new applications for communications, sensing, lasers …

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 181) An approach for design optimization of the geometrical parameters of silicon-on-insulator slot-waveguides for electro-optical modulators and biosensors is presented.

Aug 21, 2017 · Silicon photonics is a technology based on fabricating integrated optical circuits by using the same paradigms as the dominant electronics industry. After twenty years of fervid development, silicon photonics is entering the market with low cost, high performance and mass-manufacturable optical devices.

The strong nonlinear response of silicon photonic nanowire waveguides allows for the integration of nonlinear optical functions on a chip.However, the nonlinearity of a waveguide is even better quantified by its nonlinear parameter y. Its real part is given by Feature size reduction of silicon slot waveguides by… Silicon slot waveguides have already been demonstrated as gas detectors.6.We propose a novel way to realize air slot waveguides on an SOI platform using atomic layer deposited high refractive index thin films. RP Photonics Encyclopedia - waveguides, optical fiber... Waveguides are spatially inhomogeneous transparent structures for guiding light.Ask RP Photonics for advice on waveguides, e.g. concerning theIn the future, silicon waveguides on digital processor chips and polymer waveguides in circuit boards may...

In this theoretical study, we show that the use of optimized horizontal silicon photonic slot waveguide structures could enable the realization of devices with a nonlinearity coefficient of more than 2×10 7 W −1 km −1.

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