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Slot 1 / Socket 370 Adapters enad Apr 3, 2005, 7:38 PM I was planning on installing a PIII 933MHz SL52Q into a SOYO SY-6VBA133 by using a Slot 1 to Socket 370 adapter.

I believe that would be impractical as a slot 1 cpu has a larger mass than a socket 370 slot it can fit into. And besides, there are mobos out there that offer socket 370 for the 440BX chipset(i.e. Asus CUBX-E). Review: PPGA Celeron to Slot 1 adapter card - Dan's Data Review: PPGA Celeron to Slot 1 adapter card Review date: 7 April 1999. ... Pentium, at a glance, but come with a more impressive heatsink and fan setup, and plug into a new kind of socket, dubbed "Socket 370". Socket 7, by the way, is what standard Pentiums use. The early 5 volt 60 and 66MHz Pentiums used Socket 4, and Socket 5 supported only ... VOGONS • View topic - Socket 370 to Tualatin Converter!? The ability for the motherboard to deliver the correct voltage of 1.45/1.5v is more important than BIOS support. Also remember that with this adapter you can use it on a slotklet to convert a Slot 1 motherboard as well to run with Tualatins, like the Asus P3B-F. socket motherboard,socket 370 -

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Socket 370 to Slot 1 adapter - Motherboards - Tom's Hardware Also, discovered that the proccessor that was previously in here was also attached via a socket 370 ==> slot 1 adapter :P Oh well. Need one anyways to drop my old processor into my parents machine CPU PGA370 TO SLOT1 SLOTKET ADAPTER CARD (SOCKET 370) - CNET

Historically, there are three platforms for the Intel P6-CPUs: Socket 8, Slot 1 and Socket 370.. Slot 1 is a successor to Socket 8.While the Socket 8 CPUs (Pentium Pro) directly had the L2-cache embedded into the CPU, it is located (outside of the core) on a circuit board shared with the core itself.

1-48 of 60 results for "socket 370 processors" - Tyan S1854 Trinity 400 motherboard with 1 ISA, 6PCI, 1AGP slot. VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset. FSB 133. Supports both Slot 1 and Socket 370 processors. Celeron / Pentium III FCPGA up to 1 GHZ, Slot 1 PI Review: PPGA Celeron to Slot 1 adapter card - Dan's Data

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Allows for FC-PGA & PPGA processors to plug into Slot 1 - Supports for ... But leave aside that, it looks like Intel itself is moving more towards Socket 370 as well. Upgrade Processors - Intel Overdrive CPU's - The CPU Shack Slot 1 and the Socket 370 that replaced it are not very different electrically (the ... different sockets CPU Upgrade companies have started to offer just adapters, ... Modifying a PPGA socket 370 motherboard for FCPGA processors I was aware of the fact, that SLOT1 is far more universal, because you can use both SLOT1 and SOCKET370 processors, but i have also knowed that INTEL is ...

2015-8-25 · Slotket Slocket Adapter - 370SP Rev 1.0 - Socket 370 CPU To Slot 1 - For PPGA Celeron CPU This Socket 370 to Slot 1 CPU Adapter Card allows older Celeron Socket -370 type CPUs 533 MHz and under to be used in older Slot -1 Pentium II and Pentium III motherboards . Features:

Socket 370 With Tualatin Pinout: Overshooting The Mark - New ... Socket 370 With Tualatin Pinout: Overshooting The Mark. The underside of the adapter socket. With the help of Upgradeware's 370GU adapter, we were able to run a Tualatin-core Celeron processor on ... Slot 1 vs Socket 370! Why did Intel make 2 types? | AnandTech ... Intel still put these processors out in a slot 1 form factor. With slot 1, you could have a heat sink and fan on both sides of the processor package. My 300a would run at 527MHz this way at 2.2vcore. For cost reasons mostly, the socket 370 package is what Intel is going to now. Socket 370: April 1998 To July 2001 - The Mother of All CPU ...